How to Start an Injectable Routine in 2023 – A Carniol Guide

A female patient with plump lips closes her eyes as a nurse positions a needle near her lips.


These days, it seems like there’s almost nothing a needle can’t fix. Throughout the cosmetic and aesthetic community, you’ll find injectable treatments for smile lines, crow’s feet, and nasolabial folds ( marionette lines). While certain treatments can decrease fat or stimulate a youthful tone, others prevent wrinkles in the first place. But for millions of Americans, starting an injectable routine isn’t instinctual. Making the latest beauty trend a part of your own self-care cycle requires research and a trusted provider.

At Carniol Plastic Surgery in Summit, NJ, we’ve tried and used  nearly every cosmetic injectable on the market today, and are very picky about what the right treatment is for our patients. Our knowledge of the field runs deep, which is why we’re offering this cursory guide to the dizzying world of injectable treatments.

The Carniol Guide to Starting an Injectable Routine in 2023

Make these quick, comfortable, long-lasting injections part of your regular beauty routine by calling Carniol Plastic Surgery today at (908) 598-1400 or contacting us online!

What Kinds of Injectables Are There?

For the purposes of our guide today, we’re limiting the discussion to the two most common forms of injectable treatments: neurotoxins (AKA neuromodulators) and dermal fillers.

Nearly everyone’s heard of Botox®. The simple name sparks joy in the hearts of millions. But botulinum toxin is also the primary ingredient in other brand name products that have specific, targeted uses. 

Dermal fillers are the next most popular injectable treatment. By using a synthetic version of your own skin-supporting hyaluronic acid (HA), dermal fillers restore volume loss due to aging. Capable of filling lips, rounding cheeks, eliminating under-eye bags, and reversing a skeletal appearance in our hands, dermal fillers come in all shapes and applications.

How Do Neurotoxins & Dermal Fillers Work?

Neurotoxins like Botox (and its many specialized varieties) work by weakening the facial muscles responsible for making your fine lines and wrinkles. While some may say this treatment “paralyzes” the muscle, it is really about decreasing those overactive muscles such as the forehead muscle causing those horizontal wrinkles. By softening the muscle, we can soften those wrinkles giving a natural, youthful look.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, literally add volume to the face, neck, and yes, even hands. When we’re younger, our body produces abundant amounts of hyaluronic acid. This HA sits beneath the skin, supporting health and hydration while keeping the skin taut and plump. As we age, however, our natural deposits of HA deplete. Gel-like dermal fillers take on the task instead, restoring volume and tightening the skin to reduce the visual impact of wrinkles

Which Injectable is Right for me?

Choosing between neurotoxins and dermal fillers comes down to the circumstances and unique features of your face. Of course, it’s not necessarily an either/or option. Some patients benefit from both injectables. But if you could only choose one, which should it be?

The common wisdom in the cosmetic community is this:

  • For wrinkles related to or seen during certain facial expressions, neurotoxins are best
  • For wrinkles when your face is at rest, dermal fillers are more suitable

Ultimately, the best tool for making this decision is your bathroom mirror. If you’re most bothered by the fine lines and wrinkles you see when smiling, frowning, or squinting, neurotoxins are the way to go. If you’re more bothered by the wrinkles you see when making no facial movements at all, then you may benefit more from dermal fillers.

What are the Most Popular Injectables Called?

At Carniol, we keep up-to-date on the latest injectable developments and specialized uses. We offer the following injectables, depending on the patient’s desires.


  • Botox – the industry standard having been available for over 25 years
  • Dysport – an excellent alternative for those people who Botox does not work as well on  
  • Xeomin – by special request only
  • Jeuveau – a faster acting version but can be more variable in how long it lasts 

Dermal Fillers

  • Restylane – Best for areas around the eyes, mouth & for adding volume to lips
  • JUVÉDERM – Ideal for volumizing the cheeks, and the folds around mouth including the nasolabial folds (smile lines, laugh lines)
  • Versa – A versatile filler designed for areas around the eyes, cheeks, mouth, & forehead
  • Teoxane RHA – An exclusive filler that stretches with the face, giving beautiful natural results for the face, expression areas, and neck

Start Your Injectable Routine Today at Carniol in Summit, NJ!

If you’re still feeling lost at sea about choosing the injectable treatment that’s right for you, don’t fret! At Carniol Plastic Surgery in Summit, NJ, we’ve helped thousands of patients discover an indispensable injectable treatment that’s perfect for them.

During your consultation, we’ll examine your signs and symptoms of aging, listen to your concerns, and pair you with an injectable to meet your needs. Preventative Botox in your mid to late 20s and early 30s has been shown to prevent wrinkles for years to come. Long-lasting dermal fillers also have exciting, emerging applications that could pay dividends for decades. Let us match you with an injectable so that you can get back to enjoying your life!

See what our patients are saying, schedule your consultation, or give us a call today at (908) 598-1400. You simply won’t believe your before and after

2023 is Perfect For Starting an Injectable Routine at Carniol!

The injectable treatments of today share little in common with the often parodied results seen in bad TV shows. Today’s modern injectables create natural results, compound their benefits over time, and come in numerous, specialized varieties to solve your exact signs of aging. Regular facials and exfoliating scrubs can take your skincare routine far, but injectables can take you farther. Find the right injectable for your needs by calling (908) 598-1400 or contacting us online

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