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Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments for Women

At Carniol Plastic Surgery, we leave no stone unturned in the treatment of hair loss for women. From PRP and PRF to nutraceuticals and LED caps, we have leading-edge and time-tested hair loss solutions that can make a difference for you.

PRF, the Next Generation of PRP

Your blood contains numerous, elemental healing agents that, when harvested, can be reapplied elsewhere for frankly remarkable results. As a branch of regenerative medicine (so called because it physically regenerates cells in the targeted area), PRF & PRP treatments for hair loss in women have a track record of success. PRF and PRP can also combat an inflammatory component to hair loss, preventing further damage and allowing for a smoother hair restoration process.

PRF (protein-rich fibrin) and PRP (protein-rich platelets) work wonders in treating androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness). As we age, the cells in our hair follicles that are responsible for hair growth divide, sub-divide, and redivide to grow with us. As we age, these cells age too.

To rejuvenate hair follicles at the cellular level, samples of your blood are taken and then spun in a centrifuge. This separates the protein-rich ingredients into a concentrated serum, PRP. From there, the PRP is activated to form a fibrin matrix. This keeps the growth factors right where we want them, in the scalp.

Anti-inflammatory Hair Treatment

Many patients have an inflammatory component to hair loss.The scalp may be pink, especially around the hair follicles. Itching and flaking are also common symptoms of an inflammatory response, which may include scarring of the scalp. Treating the scalp with anti-inflammatory medications can be quite helpful. Treatments may consist of topical shampoos (such as Clobetasol), and in some cases the injection of corticosteroids such as Kenalog.

Nutrient Therapy & Others

As a supplement to other treatments, Dr. Carniol believes in a holistic approach to hair loss. For some women with hair loss, nutrient deficiencies play a role. By improving your diet or adding other vitamins and nutrients, your hair could come back fuller.

Surgical Options for Treating Hair Loss in Women

Modern advancements in the methodology and application of surgical hair loss interventions have made the treatment much more reliable, safe, and worthwhile. Here’s how.

Women’s Hair Transplant (Follicular Unit Transplant)

If your hair loss is resistant to laser and other non-surgical treatments, hair transplant may be a viable and powerful alternative. Dr. Carniol performs the transplant of follicular units (FUs), similar to individual “blades of grass.” Hair is transplanted in small units, consisting of several hairs (one to three) at a time. This provides natural-looking results by using your own hair.

A follicular unit transplant starts with taking the hair from the back of the head. This may involve one scar (which usually heals very thinly) or many tiny scars. The hairs are then individually placed in the areas that need more density. The hair is given time to grow in and “final results” are usually apparent 6-12 months later. The procedure is all done in 1 day.
H2: Benefits of Hair Loss Treatment for Women
Hair and beauty so often go hand in hand. But more than regrowing your hair for the sake of others, many patients desire to regrow natural hair for themselves. Confidence, sense of self, sense of beauty, and other personal preferences are the primary drivers in seeking hair loss treatments.

Gender Affirming Hair Treatment

At Carniol Plastic Surgery, we are also happy to perform gender-affirming hair treatments. Particularly for patients undergoing facial feminization surgery, these treatments create a more feminine hairline that have a powerful effect on others’ perception. We’ll work with your endocrinologist and use these same hair loss procedures to stimulate growth, shift hairlines, or otherwise sculpt the perfect head of hair outside to match precisely who you are on the inside.

Who is a Candidate for Non-Surgical Hair Treatments or Female Hair Transplant?

Determining which course of treatment will work best for you is a matter of identifying the underlying cause of your hair loss. Once we can determine why you’re losing hair, we can develop the optimal treatment for you.

The earlier you treat your hair loss, the better. There’s hope for you in Summit, NJ today! To learn if you’re an ideal candidate for surgical or non-surgical hair loss treatments, call Carniol Plastic Surgery straight away at 908-598-1400.

Women’s Hair Loss FAQs

Generally, injections of most kinds produce some discomfort for patients. Depending on your sensitivity and feelings about needles, the PRF/PRP treatment treatment may be more or less comfortable for you. We’ve also found that a cooling air jet decreases discomfort drastically. 

If you have questions or concerns about the PRF/PRP hair loss treatment, reach out to us today at  908-598-1400.

Hair loss in women can be due to hormonal changes, scar tissue, an inflammatory response in the scalp, or other factors. Changes in hormone production (such as pregnancy or menopause) may contribute to diminishing returns with hair growth. At Carniol Plastic Surgery, we will work with you and use all the modern tools at our disposal to fight your hair loss.

A hair transplant is generally forever. The primary advantage of the modern hair transplant procedure is the permanence of the results. These are your hairs and will continue to grow even as time goes on. Your body should support their health, growth, and maintenance for a lifetime. All we’ve done is move these hairs where you wanted them most. Other than that, your own body does most of the work—now and for the rest of your life.

Reclaim your Gorgeous, Natural Hair at Carniol Plastic Surgery

The loss of your natural hair can often feel like the loss of your authentic self. Thankfully, despite what you may have heard about hair loss treatments in the past, modern medicine and aesthetic treatments have advanced to a more effective and compassionate degree. Backed by science, supported by skill, and driven by self-acceptance, today’s hair loss treatments for women are changing the game.

You don’t have to settle for hair loss in Summit, NJ. Carniol Plastic Surgery has multiple options to help you achieve and maintain natural-looking results!

Call 908-598-1400 Today!

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