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Gravity and the simple act of aging have long been blamed for loose, sagging skin on our faces, necks, and jawlines. But are the signs and symptoms of aging really that simple? At Carniol Plastic Surgery in Summit, NJ, we’ve been investigating aging long enough to know that the issue is more complex than that.

Volume loss, a natural decrease in skin elasticity, and photoaging caused by UV radiation (sun damage) all combine to intensify skin damage and deepen wrinkles. Rather than just offering one simple fix, we take a multimodal approach to skin tightening, volume restoration, and wrinkle reduction for a comprehensive effect.

By offering the latest CO2 fractional laser treatments alongside radiofrequency energy, chemical peels, and volume restoration, we can make a real, lasting difference in the quality and appearance of your skin. For brown spots and age spots (especially in the hard-to-treat decolletage) our Pico laser rejuvenation treatments make a permanent difference—all without downtime or discomfort.

Get the care you need from a robust menu of non-surgical skin tightening treatments at Carniol Plastic Surgery by reaching out today at 908-598-1400.

How Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Removal Works

When you schedule your appointment at Carniol Plastic Surgery, we’ll start by identifying the unique issues that you are facing. Then, we will devise a treatment regimen along your schedule directed or aimed at your skin goals.

For jowls, sagging cheeks, and turkey necks, we may recommend a CO2 fractional laser and/or radiofrequency microneedling treatments to supercharge collagen and elastin production—two vital structural proteins responsible for skin health and tightness. CO2 laser and microneedle radiofrequency offer slightly different benefits as well, and can even be used in combination. We may also recommend chemical peels for minor skin laxity (looseness) or microneedling to break up old acne and other scars. Meanwhile, volume restoration treatments plump your skin from beneath, naturally smoothing out the surface wrinkles for more youthful skin and contours.

Our vascular laser eliminates red splotches and rosacea associated facial veins, while our Pico Laser removes instances of hyperpigmentation (brown spots, age spots) permanently. Without downtime or discomfort, our Pico Laser rejuvenation treatments refresh your neckline and chest (decolletage) so that you can look your best in your spring and summer neckline clothes. Finally, volume restoration using dermal fillers may be a quick and simple way to restore youthful facial contours while reducing wrinkles.

No two faces are the same, so why should one treatment work for everyone? At Carniol Plastic Surgery, we design a skin tightening and wrinkle removal treatment plan specifically for you!

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Skin Tightening in Summit, NJ Before and After

This patient presented with significant facial volume loss. She has associated laxity of her neck, cheeks and jowls. The top photo is the way she appeared at the start of her consultation. The photo below was taken on the same day after she had facial volume restoration with fillers: Perlane® and Radiesse®.

Benefits of Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Removal

Depending on which treatment options work best for you, you can expect to enjoy some or all of the following benefits:

  • Tighter, bouncier skin
  • Fewer fine lines/wrinkles
  • Fewer age spots/hyperpigmentation
  • Fuller, healthier skin
  • “Brighter” skin
  • Scar reduction
  • Non-invasive & non-surgical treatments
  • Fast recovery & long-lasting results
Skin Tightening Before and After
Before and 14 Months After Two Fractional Laser Treatments. In the second photo in which the patient is fourteen months older she has tighter, smoother skin including less jowls and an improved cheek and upper neck line.

Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Removal FAQs

Depending on the skin concerns being treated, the results of CO2 laser permanently improve the skin. Literally, under the microscope, this treatment can make skin look 10 years younger. However, it is up to you to minimize photodamage after treatment.. With treatment, you can continue to refresh your look to maintain that youthful glow. Some patients have regular treatments to optimize their appearance. Collagen and elastic fibers are stimulated, and laser patients can expect to have their results improve over the first year!

Yes, when strong enough, chemical peels can provide a skin tightening effect while also producing the same benefits so many people enjoy from this popular treatment option. Our skin regenerates on a 28-day cycle, but dead skin can stick around beyond its lifespan, compromising the health of emerging skin and contributing to fine lines and wrinkles. 

Chemical peels remove this outer layer of dead, decaying skin while penetrating deeply enough to boost collagen production in the weeks ahead.

When used to treat hyperpigmentation and the results of photoaging (brown spots, age spots, wrinkles, freckles), Pico laser results are absolutely permanent. 

Your eyes, hair, and skin receive their color from a naturally occurring pigment called melanin. But different colors absorb light at different rates. By targeting your discolored lesions with safe and powerful picosecond (one trillionth of a second) bursts, our Pico laser heats and scatters the discolored cells for a permanent difference. Best of all, our Pico laser requires no downtime and causes no discomfort, so you’re free to return to your regular activities immediately.  There are no injections needed for Pico laser treatments!

Discover a Brighter, Tighter Version of Yourself in Summit, NJ

Aging may be a fact of life, but many of the signs and symptoms can be treated. At Carniol, we use the latest cosmetic technology and leading-edge medical understanding to correct loose skin, wrinkles, and snaking fine lines. You can’t stop the march of time, but you can fool it with skin tightening and wrinkle removal treatments.

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