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EarWell and EarBuddy
Newborn Ear Correction

Does your baby have an ear deformity? Dr. Carniol treated nearly 100 ears in 2022 and is the #1 provider for EarWell in New Jersey. He has extensive experience with EarWell, EarBuddies, and InfantEar.

Newborn and Infant Ear Deformities

Newborn and infant ear deformities can be complicated, especially if they are not corrected early. About 25% of babies will have an ear deformity, and 70% of those will not improve over time or even worsen.

Why is ear molding an “emergency?”

During the first month of life, the baby ear cartilage is very flexible. The newborn ear is growing fast, and over the first month, your baby’s hormones change. In turn, the ear cartilage begins to stiffen. Therefore, the window for excellent results is quite narrow. Ear molding is best done early (even in the first week of life). The staff at Carniol Plastic Surgery knows that these patients take priority and we strive to get patients in, even the next day.


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“I cannot thank Dr. Eric Carniol and his team at Carniol Plastic Surgery enough for their incredible work on my son’s ear imperfection. When my newborn required an ear procedure, I was naturally nervous about finding the right surgeon. From the moment we met Dr. Carniol and his staff were greeted with warmth and compassion and I knew we were in excellent hands… The procedure itself was quick and painless, and my son fell asleep before it was even finished. The results of the procedure are beyond anything we could have hoped for…”

• Sarah Almeida