Facial Fillers

Facial Fillers in New Jersey

Facial fillers can be used to restore a fuller more youthful appearance to the face and can also be used to create natural-looking, fuller lips. An experienced “artist’s eye” is important in achieving a pleasing aesthetic result. Facial filler injections should be more than just filling lines or folds.

Why are fillers necessary?

Loss of facial volume usually starts when you are in your thirties. Initially the changes are subtle and can be noted by a decrease in the rounding of the cheeks, and shrinking of the lips. This progresses over time and is notable by the flattening of the mid-face, lip shrinkage, loss of lower face volume and the development of facial folds, especially around the mouth.

Facial fillers are used to restore these volume losses.

What is the difference between facial fillers?

Most of the facial fillers that are commonly used can be divided into two groups:

Hyaluronic acid gels and calcium hydroxyapatite.
Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally and can be found within cells. Over time cells lose some of their hyaluronic acid. With this loss, the cells lose some of their plumpness. Hyaluronic acid gels cannot be placed directly into your cells. Instead these gels are used between cells to restore facial volume and roundness. This gives a natural looking, younger more refreshed appearance. There are several hyaluronic acid gels available.

These include: Restylane ®, Perlane ® Juvéderm Ultra ®, and Juvéderm Ultra Plus ®. Facial fat grafts and liposculpture can also be performed for facial volume restoration.


Depending on the particulars of the hyalauronic acid gel, and the location in which it is injected, these gels can last between four and eight months.

Another filler, Radiesse®, is made from calcium hydroxyapatite. In Dr. Carniol’s experience, Radiesse® lasts longer than the current hyaluronic acid gel fillers. However, it has more limited uses than the hyaluronic acid gel fillers. He prefers to use it in patients with deeper folds, and/or thicker skin. Radiesse® can last up to one to two years.

Facial Fillers


This patient presented with significant facial volume loss. She has associated laxity of her neck, cheeks and jowls. The top photo is the way she appeared at the start of her consultation. The photo below was taken on the same day after she had facial volume restoration with fillers: Perlane® and Radiesse®.


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