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Improving your appearance can improve your confidence. And, special procedures done in ways never before dreamed possible are available to you today. Outcomes can restore your confidence and help you feel excited about the way you look.

At Carniol Plastic Surgery, we bring together the art and science of medicine by using the latest applicable innovations and techniques in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. The highest quality care is our promise to you.

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A fair-featured woman flashes a bright, white smile while clutching her cheeks on a patio
Fresh Year, Fresh Look – Spider Veins, Acne Scars, & Facelifts in 2023
  In the 1943 children’s classic, The Little Prince, the author writes, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” At the end of each year, resolution-makers would do well to remember those words.  As we chart a course to newer, better happiness in the coming days, a desire does not necessarily equal a plan of action. To make…