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BOTOX® Cosmetic: Patient 3

BOTOX® Cosmetic: Patient 3

BOTOX® Cosmetic: Patient 3

This patient was most concerned about her frown lines between her eyes. She is a very happy person but these lines made her look like she was frowning! This was distressing to her and she wanted it "gone."

Botox was used to soften the harsh lines by weakening the frown muscles. She wanted some good expression and not an unnatural frozen Botox appearance.

She is seen 5 days later and is very happy with her result.

Dr Carniol loves to treat patients with Botox, dysport, jeuveau, and other neuromodulators. To schedule an appointment with Dr Eric Carniol or Dr Paul Carniol, click here or call us today!

  • Post-op Timeline: 5 days
  • Technique: Botox
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