Facelift Scars

Are you worried that facelift scars will be noticeable?

Let’s talk about facelift scars.

What is a facelift?

The facelift (also known as the face and neck lift) is a surgical procedure performed in the office or the operating room. This procedure is meant to improve the contours of the face and neck. The deep structures of the face are tightened by redraping them. Dr. Carniol performs a deep plane face and neck lift, meaning the face is tightened by going underneath the deep structures, and the neck is tightened by lifting deep to the muscle. Once the deep tissues are tightened, the skin is laid back down. Excess skin is then trimmed. By keeping the tension deep, the facelift gives a beautiful, natural result.

Where are the facelift scars hidden?

Facelift scars are hidden within the temples, just in front of and behind the ears, and then behind into the hairline. For women, the scar is even further hidden  behind the tragus (the part of the ear that holds in your Airpods). For men, the scar is placed in front so that the beard hair does not grow in the ear.

Representative Women’s Facelift Scar

facelift scar right earfacelift scar left ear

What about tuck up, mini facelift and ponytail facelift scars?

Tuck up procedures (sometimes called ponytail facelifts or mini facelifts) are smaller versions of the facelift that can be often performed in the office. This procedure gives a slighter lesser facelift result with a shorter scar.

What about Incisionless Facelift?

There are multiple techniques for an incisionless facelift. Although this may not give as much benefit as a deep plane facelift it can achieve some facial rejuvenation. There are multiple techniques and technologies available for this. Dr Carniol will discuss your options and suggest a regimen that will give you the greatest benefit. Often combining these options will optimize your result. These include PicoLazer treatments, fractional laser treatments, liquid facelifts, and microneedle radiofrequency.

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