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Dark Spots, Brown Spots & Pico Laser

Problems with brown spots, sunspots or skin pigmentation are very common. Many of these develop as a result of sun exposure, often from the UVA component of the sunlight. The same damage also can make the skin develop fine wrinkles, so many patients want both the dark spots and wrinkles helped at the same time. For this reason, Dr. Carniol offers a Pico laser, the industry-leading technology.

Pico Laser in Summit NJ

The Pico laser shoots the energy in a tiny fraction of the second, literally picoseconds. This ultrafast laser allows the skin to be treated with a high level of safety. As well, this laser can be used on patients with all skin types including darker skin types such as those of Asian, Middle Eastern, and even African descent. This is truly a “no downtime” laser procedure!

Brown Spots treatment
This woman had a noticeable brown spot on her nose. After treatment with a laser, she had significant lightening and was happy with the result.

Prevention of Brown Spots

Because brown spots are due to UV light exposure, we urge our patients to use a physical blocker sunscreen every day that has excellent UVA coverage. The SPF rating refers to UVB protection, so it is important to check the label. Sun exposure event getting in and out of the car, walking the dog, or other activities can add up over time to cause significant damage. Dr. Carniol carries a special sun screen with titanium and zinc oxide that block out the harmful UVB and UVA, as well as infrared, a cause of melasma. This sunscreen also includes antioxidants and is not greasy, so it is good for all members of the family. Finally, it goes on clear, so you can even wear makeup on top!

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