Brown Spots

Problems with brown spots, sunspots or skin pigmentation are very common.  Many of these develop as a result of cumulative sun exposure, often from the UVA component of the sunlight. Therefore we urge our patients who are having problems with sun spots, or skin pigment problems to use sunscreen daily that include UVA protection. It is important to remember that the current SPF rating only considers UVB protection and does not include a UVA protection rating.  Even when you go to work you should use sunscreen since the sun exposure while commuting can be significant cumulatively.  There are different treatments for sunspots and pigment problems depending on the nature of your spots and your skin characteristics. Lasers used to treat sunspots can be separated into two categories: specifically designed pigment lasers and resurfacing lasers. When you come in for evaluation we will discuss whether you are a candidate for either or both types of lasers.  For some skin pigment problems rather than recommend treatment with a laser we will recommend a skin care regimen. During your consultation we can make specific recommendations for your problem.  Of course as part of your consultation we will decide whether a pigmented lesion should be biopsied prior to treatment.

This woman had a noticeable brown spot on her nose. After treatment with a laser, she had significant lightening and was happy with the result.


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