Summer and Your Skin

Finally, summer is arriving!  For many of us it has been a challenging winter and we’re excited about getting outside.    I advocate getting outside and taking advantage of every bright sunny day.  Take some time each day.  Even if you can only get a few minutes, it’s worth it.  When you’re outside revel in all of the natural beauty and the people outside who are also enjoying the day.

While you’re spending time outside remember to protect your skin.  The bright sun can lead to photoaging and increase your risk for skin cancer.  The development of photoaging and skin cancer relate to your cumulative exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays over time.  Photoaging can lead to wrinkles, laxity, brown spots and unwanted growths.

Before you go out put on a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB.  Remember that the SPF rating scale only describes protection from UVB, not UVA.  UVA protection is at least as important as the SPF of your sunscreen. Remember to wear your sunglasses and a hat.  Sun exposure to your eyes can increase your risk of developing cancer in and around your eyes.  It can also increase the rate of cataract formation.

When you go outside if you do not like carrying a tube of potentially messy sunscreen, carry a sun protection stick.  (They look sort of like a big lip balm stick) These can be purchased at many pharmacies and even some supermarkets.  If you’re outside and you feel a spot on your skin getting warm then it is getting too much UV rays.  Just use the sunscreen stick to apply sun protection to that area.

In conclusion:  Go outside! Enjoy the great weather! Have a great time!  Use Sun Precautions!



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