Excerpts from Dr Carniol’s Speech at Medical Society of New Jersey Annual Gala

The Medical Society of New Jersey was founded in 1766.
It is the oldest professional society in the United States

Then and now it is dedicated to optimizing public health and working for the physicians in New Jersey

It advocates for the highest quality medical care for individual patients and all of the people in New Jersey.

As part of the process of optimizing the health of the citizens of New Jersey
during my first week in office I have already initiated the process to establish
the Medical Society of New Jersey Quality Standard.

You’ll be hearing more about this
new Medical Society of New Jersey Quality Standard in the near future.

We hope that this standard will further improve healthcare in New Jersey.

Currently healthcare in the United States is undergoing numerous changes.

With all of these changes
it is especially important for the Medical Society of New Jersey to be there to help protect the public.

This will involve multiple issues.

One example of an issue is differentiating between
Reducing the Cost of Health Care and rationing.
For example, recently there has been debate over the age at which mammogram screening should be initiated.

It is my opinion that any decisions on this issue must be based on women’s health and not finances or rationing criteria.

Another example is the complex issue of TeleMedicine. The concept of TeleMedicine is that it uses technology to evaluate patients long distance.

This new technology
can potentially offer many benefits

However, there is the risk
that it could provide inferior healthcare
and place patients at risk for avoidable problems.

As our patients’ guardians we must
work to insure that decisions about this new technology are made to protect their health,
not someone else’s profits and hype.

There are multiple other examples which I am happy to discuss in the future but will not go into tonight

The Medical Society of New Jersey also works to optimize the practice of medicine in New Jersey.

This is particularly important as with the implementation of the ACA.
There will be numerous new patients searching for physicians.

Our legislators and regulators should understand that in order to attract physicians to New Jersey,
the best and the brightest physicians,
they will need to make New Jersey physician friendly.

Now we’re here tonight for a celebration, so let’s continue the festivities.

Before we return to the music and dancing

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