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Ptosis Surgery: Fixing the droopy lid

Long-lasting Botox?

“I wish my Botox lasted more than 3 months!”

“I wish I could come in for Botox just twice a year.”

Carniol Plastic Surgery is so excited to have a new tox coming soon! Carniol Plastic Surgery has been selected to be one of 2 practices in northern NJ to have access to this excited treatment when it first arrives in early 2022. The clinical trials are demonstrating that the effects can 6-8 months which is amazing! This new product is in the final few FDA steps for clearance.

We are so excited to offer this treatment to our patients when it becomes available. However, the supply will be quite limited to start. Interested patients have already started calling the office to get on our waiting list for the treatment!

Schedule your consultation now and be at the top of the list!

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Ptosis Surgery: Fixing the droopy lid

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