Be Good to Yourself. You Deserve it!

Being good to yourself means taking care of yourself in many ways. In addition to cosmetic procedures to improve your appearance think about your overall well being. Recent studies have shown that people who exercise regularly maintain greater mental acuity with aging than those who do not exercise regularly. Regular exercise in middle age is associated with a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s. It will also decrease your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. People who exercise regularly have a more vigorous appearance. If you haven’t had a recent medical evaluation, start by seeing your physician before starting an exercise program. Then pick some form of exercise that you find enjoyable. It should be a varied regimen, including some vigorous activity.  Remember to include at least a mild warm up to decrease the chance of strains and injuries. Also try to include some type of loosening up, flexibility or stretching as part of your weekly activities. Do not expect great results overnight, but gradually, if you stay at it, you will be pleasantly surprised at the improvements you can achieve.

Remember be good to yourself and start exercising regularly!  Please feel free to send your thoughts and comments about this blog.

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