The Importance of Early Evaluation of Nose Injuries

After a nasal injury, it is common to develop swelling and some associated deformity. The related issue is when to see a Facial Plastic Surgeon after this trauma to the face. The deformity can be just due to swelling or something more serious. This could be an underlying bone or cartilage fractures. In general, if the appearance of your nose has changed, you have significant bruising, or pain, you should be seen soon promptly! If left untreated, the fractured bones or cartilage can heal in the wrong position. This can give a permanent nasal deformity and affect your breathing.

Related to your nasal injury it is possible to develop a septal hematoma. This is the scariest complication as it can lead to a significant infection. One sign could be difficulty breathing from one or both nostrils. The septum is inside the nose so you cannot see it. Therefore a physician has to look inside your nose to determine whether you have a septal hematoma.

If a fracture has occurred, your surgeon will discuss with you options for treatment. These may include observation, closed reduction, open reduction, and rhinoplasty (nosejob).

Your discussion with your surgeon is very important. Depending on your goals and how serious the trauma was, you can plan for the future for your nose!

Dr Paul Carniol and Dr Eric Carniol are happy to examine you and see how they can help!

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