BodyTone From Start to Finish – What It’s Like to Sculpt Muscle

BodyTone From Start to Finish – What It’s Like to Sculpt Muscle


It sounds like something out of science fiction—you schedule an appointment, arrive, settle into a comfortable chair, and let cutting-edge technology increase your muscle development by up to  30%. Thankfully, for beachgoers and fitness enthusiasts in Summit, NJ, BodyTone is science reality, not science fiction. 

At Carniol Plastic Surgery, our BodyTone treatments can help you develop and shape muscle mass in the most desirable areas of the body. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Throughout the summer of 2022, our BodyTone Package includes a series of 6 treatments for maximum effect at only $250 per treatment. For just $350, we can arrange a single discounted BodyTone session so that you can experience the results for yourself.

So, what is the typical BodyTone appointment like? What can you expect when scheduling your first session at Carniol Plastic Surgery?

Step 1: Choose Which Muscles to Develop

BodyTone works by stimulating muscle contractions with bioelectric energy in a targeted area. Fittingly, the first step in the BodyTone process involves picking which areas of your body you’d like to improve. BodyTone is safe, effective, and comfortable for numerous purposes, including:

  • Flattening your stomach
  • Strengthening core muscles (abs)
  • Toning arms
  • Lifting Buttocks
  • Tightening thighs
  • Developing biceps & triceps

Throughout each 30-minute BodyTone session, contractions occur roughly 20,000 times in the treatment area—that’s more contractions than you can achieve in twice that time at the gym. Can’t decide between a perkier butt and a more sculpted stomach? Why not double your session and tackle both?

Step 2: Arrive For Your Appointment 

Because BodyTone is a non-invasive treatment without any needles, scalpels, or anesthesia, you can schedule your appointment during lunch or even on your way home from work. BodyTone requires no downtime and results in only sore, well-worked muscles, so you’re free to schedule appointments whenever it suits you. 

Many patients come before or after a separate session at the gym. But on its own, or as part of a fitness routine, BodyTone can be performed whenever you need without fear of after-effects or downtime.

We recommend wearing athletic clothing and arriving well hydrated beforehand. For best results, we may also recommend two sessions a week across three weeks. 

Step 3: Get Toned

Once you arrive at Carniol Plastic Surgery, we’ll get you situated in one of our comfortable treatment chairs. Then, we’ll apply conductive gel and attach the paddles (applicators) to the target area or areas. You can focus on one or more muscle groups per session, as the BodyTone device uses up to 8 applicators at any one time.

Once you’re ready to go, we’ll start stimulating intense (but pain free) muscle contractions. Through a combination of six different wave patterns, the BodyTone treatment achieves muscle confusion, keeping your muscles in a more constant state of growth and sculpting. This contributes to the up to 30% increase in muscle development.    

The BodyTone device comes pre-programmed with workout routines to match your needs, so the procedure never grows stale or results in anything less than accelerated sculpting, toning, and muscle building.

Step 4: Get Results

With the recommended number of appointments, you should see evident results within 6-10 weeks of your final BodyTone session. While 6 appointments are the minimum for lasting results, most patients return time and time again for help in getting and staying toned. 

Before you try other body contouring or body sculpting methods, (like CoolSculpting, ultrasound body contouring, or fat-burning lasers), consider giving your muscles their own chance at rising to the occasion! To schedule your first treatment session, call (908) 598-1400 today! 

Make BodyTone All or Part of Your Fitness Routine at Carniol.

BodyTone may sound like science fiction, but we assure you that this cutting-edge treatment option is based solely on science fact. By stimulating more contractions per session at a greater intensity than competitors, the BodyTone device actually delivers by creating noticeable results. To try your first session, or to schedule your 6 full sessions for maximum effect, call Carniol Plastic Surgery in Summit, NJ, at (908) 598-1400 or contact us online. How toned will you look in 6-10 weeks?


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