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Mole Or Age Spot Removal: Patient 4

Mole Or Age Spot Removal: Patient 4

Mole Or Age Spot Removal: Patient 4

This patient had a mole next to her nose. Her dermatologist performed a biopsy and the recommendation was for removal. She was then referred to our office.

She underwent excision in the office. Dr. Carniol hid the scar along the curvature of the nostril, making it virtually invisible. The patient was so happy with the result, just 2 weeks out from the surgery. 

This surgery was performed in-office. Stitches were left in for several days to help with healing and removed less than 1 week later.

Dr. Paul Carniol and Dr. Eric Carniol are referred patients from many different dermatologists in Summit, Millburn/Short Hills, Chatham, Livingston, Cranford, Watchung, and Warren for removal of moles, lesions, and skin cancers to make beautiful scar outcomes. 

Dr. Carniol loves to perform mole excision and skin cancer surgery. To see Dr. Paul Carniol or Dr. Eric Carniol, please request a consultation by clicking here or call our office 908-598-1400

To learn more about skin cancer treatments, click here.

  • Age: Between 36 and 45 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Post-op Timeline: 2 Weeks
  • Technique: Mole Excision
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