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Fractional Resurfacing: Patient 1

Fractional Resurfacing: Patient 1

Fractional Resurfacing: Patient 1

This woman in her forties has some early facial aging changes of her face and neck. Though she exercises regularly and keeps herself in good condition, she has early jowls and some loosening of her upper neck. Rather than facelift surgery, she had fractional resurfacing laser treatment.

The first photo was taken before laser treatment. She had two fractional laser treatments during the following two years. The second photo was taken twenty-six months after the pretreatment photo. She is over two years older!

Even though she is older, her face and neck have a younger appearance. The skin is tighter, with less wrinkles and smoother skin. She has a more defined jaw and neckline. Her skin has a clearer appearance. Rather than looking two years older, she looks younger than in the pre-fractional laser treatment photo.


  • Age: Between 36 and 45 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Post-op Timeline: 26 months
  • Technique: fractional laser resurfacing
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