Laser Rejuvenation New Jersey

Latest Lasers Tighten and Smoothing Your Face and also Treats Brown Sun Spots

Fractional resurfacing with a CO2 laser (carbon dioxide laser) is the latest treatment to tighten and smooth facial skin.

It is used to treat wrinkles, smooth the cheeks, improve the jawline and enhance the definition of the cheek bones. Furthermore it can be combined with an Erbium laser treatment to treat unwanted brown sun spots.  It can also be used to treat multiple types of scars including acne scars and other scars.  This laser treatment gives lasting results.

After laser treatment the vast majority of people need only a few days for recovery. It is performed in the office without the need for any injections just using a topical cream for anesthesia.

The results of fractional CO2 laser resurfacing can be enhanced by combining it with spot treatments with an Erbium resurfacing laser for treating unwanted brown sun spots and pigment irregularities.

Fractional CO2 resurfacing leads to histochemical changes in the skin. These changes continue to improve the skin for months after the procedure. This leads to lasting results.

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