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Lip Fillers Summit NJ

Lip Fillers Summit NJ

Lip Fillers Summit NJ

This patient wanted fuller lips with subtle improvement. She did not want a Housewives look. She was so happy with the improvement in her lips.

Lip beauty varies greatly from patient to patient and Dr. Carniol will discuss with you your goals for your lips. Many patients request subtle improvements to allow lipstick to go on smoother. Other patients, such as this one, want lips to be an even more attractive feature on the face. Even still, some patients want more than just subtle enhancement. Utilizing a gentle and careful technique, Dr. Carniol can achieve these goals.

Dr. Carniol loves to perform lip augmentation and lip filler. To see Dr. Paul Carniol or Dr. Eric Carniol, please request a consultation by clicking here or call our office 908-598-1400

  • Age: Between 56 and 65 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Post-op Timeline: 2 weeks
  • Technique: Lip Augmentation with Filler
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