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Double Chin, Kybella: Patient 1

Before Image 1

The patients in this and the subsequent before and after photos have a good improvement in their upper neck from Kybella treatments.

Kybella is the first FDA approved medication for treatment of double chin due to excess fatty tissue in the upper neck. 

Kybella treatments consists of a series of injections 1-2 months apart in the double chin region, to cause shrinkage of the underlying fat. Most people will see an improvement after two to three treatments. The number of treatments to give the best results can vary, depending on multiple factors. 

Whether you are a good candidate for these treatments is best determined on evaluation when you come in for a consultation.

For those who do not want Kybella treatments for a double chin, excess upper neck fat, there may be other alternatives available including liposuction and radiofrequency.

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