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Blepharoplasty: Patient 8

Blepharoplasty: Patient 8

Blepharoplasty: Patient 8

This patient disliked his heavy, tired eyes. He sees clients every day but bothered by the way his eyes looked.  He underwent upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid lift surgery) in the office. The surgery lasted less than 1 hour and he was amazed how comfortable he felt throughout the procedure. He even fell asleep during part of the procedure!

In the after photos, he is so happy! His eyes are looking youthful and rejuvenated!

Upper blepharoplasty can be performed in our Summit NJ office. Upper blepharoplasty can also be performed in a surgery such as at Overlook Hospital in Summit NJ or Livingston Surgery Center in Livingston NJ or Short Hills Surgery Center in Millburn New Jersey. 

Dr Carniol removes skin and fat, while preserving the excellent muscle which enhances the youthful appearance of the eyelid.

Dr. Eric Carniol is an expert surgeon at blepharoplasty.  To see him for a consultation, click here or call our office 908-598-1400.

To learn more about blepharoplasty, click here.

  • Age: Between 46 and 55 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Post-op Timeline: 4 weeks
  • Technique: Upper Blepharoplasty
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