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Spider Veins

Facial Spider Veins Treatment

Spider veins frequently appear on the face or legs. Facial spider veins, red spots, pinkness, “port wine stains,” or hemangiomas can be treated with lasers.

Most facial spider veins will improve with laser treatments, which are performed using a precise laser beam measuring 1mm or smaller. Since the laser beam is so well-designed and precise, it avoids the surrounding normal skin. No anesthesia is necessary for treatment with this advanced laser. Patients frequently see an immediate improvement in spider vessels after just one visit. After treatment, there is no bruising or swelling, just mild pinkness which clears up within a few hours. You can resume all of your regular activities as soon as the treatment is completed.

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Leg Spider Veins Treatment

The latest treatment of spider veins on the legs includes Asclera®. These treatments are performed in the office with minimal discomfort, unlike some of the prior therapies. After Asclera® treatment, it is not necessary to have your legs wrapped. The following day you can resume all of your regular activities. Some patients respond best to a combination of lasers and Asclera®.

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