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Pico Laser Tattoo Removal

Pico Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo that you want removed? Are you interested in the fewest treatments and least downtime?

We know that tattoos come in and out of fashion. As well, something that was meaningful before may be holding you back now. Laser tattoo removal continues to improve, now with less recovery and fewer treatments.

How does Pico Laser Tattoo removal work?

A Pico laser is used to heat up and break apart the tattoo pigment. Once broken up, your body can clear the pigment. Black and blue pigment tends to clear the fastest while other colors can be more difficult to treat.

About the Pico Laser

We use the most advanced lasers available for tattoo removal – the Pico Lazer 532/1064. The Pico laser has ultra-quick pulses of laser, literally millionths of a millisecond. 

What is the recovery time from laser tattoo removal?

After the laser treatment, we like for the tattoo to be gently cleaned daily and antiobiotic ointment and a bandage for several days. This allows the deep skin to recover while being protected.

Are there risks from laser tattoo removal?

As with all procedures, there are risks.The biggest risk with laser tattoo removal is that the tattoo will not be fully gone. Tattoos typically take several treatments to get the big result that patients are looking for. The tattoo itself causes scar tissue in the skin and sometimes by removing the tattoo, this can become more visible, even leaving a shadow. Dr. Carniol can also address other particular risks to your tattoo and its removal.

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