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Has your neck started to sag? Noticing some jowls starting to form?

While non-surgical treatments have certainly come a long way, there is no substitute for the gold standard facelift.

Dr. Eric Carniol performs a deep-plane facelift and neck lift. This is not a “pulling” procedure. Instead, this procedure repositions those sagging cheeks, jowls, and neck tissue back to its previous, youthful location. The face and neck lift provides natural youthful volume, while also getting rid of that saggy skin. It is a beautiful, natural result.

Which areas of the face and neck can be improved?

In the cheek area, drooping tissues can be repositioned, restoring a youthful cheekbone structure. Along the jawline, that jowl can be smoothed and the contour of the jawline restored. Finally, in the neck, the sagging tissues are improved by fat liposuction and contouring, muscle trimming and tightening, and skin removal. Each facelift and neck lift is modified to a patient’s individual issues.

How long does a facelift last?

Facelift and neck lift give permanent, durable results. The procedure restores youthfulness. As you continue to age, you will continue to look good for your age.

Where are the scars?

The facelift scars are almost all concealed and heal beautifully. Under the chin, Dr. Carniol makes a small incision where about 1/3 of people have a scar from an accident as a child. From there, he trims and contours the neck fat and neck muscles to be smoother. By the ear, Dr. Carniol places the incisions within the hair line when possible. The scar also comes into the wrinkle just in front of the ear. Most patients feel comfortable with their hair up in a pony tail in a few weeks. Concerned about the scar? See our blog post on Facelift scars.

Do I need fat grafting with the facelift?

While Dr. Carniol loves performing fat grafting, he finds that this can be largely unnecessary for most of his facelift patients. As we age, the volume in our face drops. By repositioning that volume, we can give the appearance of youth without this extra procedure.

The Importance of The Consultation

Dr. Carniol performs facelift and neck lift for many who are working in our community. To see more images of his surgical results, please schedule your consultation. Dr. Carniol will address your concerns on facial aging and you can discuss recent results. Click here to schedule your consultation or call our office at 908-598-1400.

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