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Does your baby have an ear deformity? Are you interested in painless correction to get your child’s ears to a normal appearance?

Newborn and Infant Ear Deformities can be complicated, especially if they are not corrected early. Your beautiful baby is growing and your life has changed forever. However, the ear fold or other deformity likely will not improve without treatment. While about 25% of babies will have an ear deformity, 70% will not improve over time or even worsen.

Patient of Dr. Eric Carniol. EarWell started at 6 weeks of age with still excellent improvement!

Why is ear molding an “emergency?”

During the first month of life, your baby’s ear cartilage is very flexible. Over the first month, your baby metabolizes mommy’s hormones. This hormone change leads to a change in the collagen in the ears, stiffening them. Therefore, the window for excellent results is quite narrow. Ear molding is best done early (even in the first week of life) but Dr. Carniol has been successful at achieving some improvements even in patients later in life. However, the goals of the procedure are less.

What happens if the ear deformity is not corrected?

Since 70% of deformities will either not improve or worsen over time, your child will continue to live with this deformity. Prominent ears and other ear deformities are common causes of bullying for young children. These deformities can be corrected with surgery (known as Otoplasty), which requires general anesthesia, starting at the age of 4. Adults with ear deformities may remain self-conscious about their ears and desire surgery later in life.

Is ear molding covered under insurance?

Many insurance plans will cover part or the entire cost of the procedure. Dr. Carniol’s staff will work diligently with your insurance company to obtain approval. For other insurance plans, Dr. Carniol will provide you with all formal documentation to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Dr. Eric Carniol and Dr. Paul Carniol, along with their excellent staff will guide you each step through the process.

Newborn Ear Taping
Dr. Carniol used ear taping for this particular patient with excellent improvement in the rim contour!

How Do I Schedule Our Appointment?

Call us at 908-598-1400 or use our online form request a consultation. Since the best results come when EarWell is started earlier, our staff will work to fit you in as soon as possible in order to get the best results.

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