Cosmetic Ear Surgery – Otoplasty

Otoplasty: Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Are you bothered by ears that stick out? Are you worried about your child’s ears and bullying?

Otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery) is a wonderful surgery to correct this deformity.  Whether young or old, prominent ears can be a target for bullying and a reason for low self-esteem. By correcting this deformity, you can remove this issue from their life, enabling you to be more confident.

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Otoplasty For Children and Adults

Otoplasty (ear pinning) can address what is unfortunately sometimes called “bat ears” or “dumbo ears.” These horrible terms can be damaging for patients. The cosmetic ear surgery is a same-day surgery, so no need to stay overnight.  Depending on the ear issue and the patient’s age, the surgery may even be able to be done in the office!

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How is Incisionless Otoplasty Performed?

Incisionless otoplasty is the “no scar” technique. Dr. Eric Carniol and Dr. Paul Carniol will use very tiny needles to help bend the ears and then he uses stitches under the skin to hold the ears in the new position. This procedure permanently gives a natural appearance to the ears in a new, better position. No scalpel is used. A light dressing is used overnight only! Sports can be resumed within weeks. The patient is able to be out and about the next day, and resume normal life. Adults may have this procedure performed in the office. This surgery can also be performed in the operating room for children and adults if desired.

How is traditional otoplasty performed?

Traditional otoplasty (sometimes called open otoplasty) uses a small incision behind the ear. Then, the cartilage is reshaped brought into the new position. A small amount of tissue is removed behind the ear to promote even further correction. Stitches are removed in about 1 week. Last, the dressing is typically left on for several days. You can resume regular activities in several weeks.

Can Otoplasty Be Performed With Other Procedures?

Yes, otoplasty can be performed with other procedures, particularly for patients with facial deformity. Certain congenital facial deformities require multiple surgeries. These patients may benefit from facial implants or bone restructuring as well.

Newborn Ear Deformity

Many babies are born with ear deformities. This includes floppy ears or pointy ears. During the first few days of life, the ear cartilage becomes firmer and the deformity can be permanent (unless corrected by otoplasty). That is, unless the ear splints are applied. This non-invasive treatment involves taping a small cup-like device over the ear. By gently pressing on the ear, the curve of the ear can be improved. Dr. Carniol uses the EarWell System.  Please note that Dr. Carniol considers newborn ear deformity “an ear emergency” as it is extremely important that treatment is applied as soon as possible before the ear position  solidifies.

Dr. Carniol Wrote The Chapter

Dr. Eric Carniol wrote the chapter on Otoplasty, literally. If you would like to check out his chapter on Otoplasty in the leading textbook on surgery of the face, head, and neck, click here.

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