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Carniol Research Center

For years, Dr. Carniol has been involved in research on new medications, treatments, products and technologies. This has included evaluations of lasers, infrared devices, radiofrequency devices, fillers, medications, cosmeceuticals and other new products. He has authored numerous articles, as well as book chapters related to this research. Furthermore, he has lectured at numerous meetings across the United States and internationally.

The research center team includes Theresa Battista RPh, and our support staff. Theresa Battista RPh, has years of prior experience performing FDA studies, evaluating cosmeceuticals, sun screens and dental products with the Concordia Research Center.

Members of the research center are available to both help design and perform studies.

Dr. Carniol has also advised venture capitalists, money managers, and industry about investments as well as mergers and acquisitions.

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