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Long-lasting Botox?
“I wish my Botox lasted more than 3 months!” “I wish I could come in for Botox just twice a year.” Carniol Plastic Surgery is so excited to have a new tox coming soon! Carniol Plastic Surgery has been selected to be one of 2 practices in northern NJ to have access to this exciting treatment when it first arrives…
Ptosis Surgery: Fixing the droopy lid
Eyelid Surgery Summit NJ Droopy Eyelids Got You Down? Do your upper eyelids make you look tired? For some, it is the heavy, saggy skin that has been building over the years. For others, it is a saggy lid itself or a “lazy eye.” Upper eyelid surgery can correct these issues? Do I Need A Blepharoplasty or Ptosis Surgery? To…
Why Do We Rub Our Eyes When We’re Tired and Why We Should Not
I watched my toddler son recently rub his eyes when he was tired. He has been doing it even as a relative newborn and therefore it has to be instinctual. But why do we rub our eyes? Why Do We Rub Our Eyes? When we are tired, we tend to be blinking less trying to keep ourselves awake. This in…
Facelift Scars
Are you worried that facelift scars will be noticeable? Let’s talk about facelift scars. (more…)
Is COVID Hair Loss real?
Have you noticed hair loss after COVID? Do you notice your brush is full of hair? Does COVID cause hair loss? Yes and no. First, the coronavirus itself is not known to cause hair loss. However, patients have noticed a severe issue with hair months later. When someone gets COVID, (becomes ill with the coronavirus), they often will get a…
Paul Carniol, President of the AAFPRS
Our very own Dr. Paul Carniol recently became president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). The AAFPRS is the largest society worldwide dedicated to just procedures of the face. Its members are from around the world, and represent all aspects of facial plastic surgery. This includes cosmetic surgery, cancer reconstruction, treatment of burns, and functional…
The Importance of Early Evaluation of Nose Injuries
After a nasal injury, it is common to develop swelling and some associated deformity. The related issue is when to see a Facial Plastic Surgeon after this trauma to the face. The deformity can be just due to swelling or something more serious. This could be an underlying bone or cartilage fractures. In general, if the appearance of your nose…
PRP Growth Factors
Carniol Plastic Surgery Now Offers PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)
Drs. Paul and Eric Carniol are excited to offer PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy to patients! PRP offers patients a natural treatment to stop hair loss, stimulate collagen, and restore tone to the skin. (You may have heard of PRP treatment for the face being called “The Vampire Facelift.”) PRP is a non-surgical treatment done right in the office. Each of…
Dr. Eric Carniol in the lobby
Dr. Eric Carniol joins Carniol Plastic Surgery
This summer, Dr. Eric Carniol has joined Carniol Plastic Surgery. Dr. Eric Carniol trained at the University of Toronto, Rutgers University, and Boston University and is fellowship-trained in Facial Plastic Surgery and Board-certified in Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Eric Carniol loves to discuss with patients both the nonsurgical and surgical treatments available. “No surgery means (almost) no downtime.” There…
Nonsurgical Facelift Fractional C02 Laser Component
This is a video of a patient of Dr. Carniol’s who had a Nonsurgical Facelift with Fractional C02 Laser Treatment.

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